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10 Reasons to Implement a Workplace Drug Testing Program

  1. Improve company image. Drug testing can help to boost consumer confidence around product quality, safety, reputation, and employment best practices.
  2. Provide a safe workplace for employees. Implementing a drug testing program can help to reduce on-the-job accidents and crime involving drugs.
  3. Comply with state laws and Federal regulations. Employers are responsible for understanding and adhering to their local and Federal laws. For some safety-sensitive industries, drug testing is a requirement.
  4. Manage healthcare and insurance costs. An enforced drug testing program can aid in avoiding costs related to alcohol and drug-related injuries and illness, while helping to lower worker’s compensation exposure.
  5. Improve company morale. Drug testing can help promote a safer work environment, playing a role in fostering a positive corporate culture.
  6. Enhance employee productivity. A drug testing program can help to reduce unscheduled leave, absences, tardiness, and employee turnover.
  7. Deter drug use and rehabilitate employees. Effective drug testing programs can help to deter drug use among employees; further, testing can help to identify those who may need employee assistance or rehabilitation services for a substance use disorder.
  8. Protect employees, customers, and the public. Drug testing protects employees, customers, and the public from employees using drugs; it can also help to keep employees safe from harm and employers safe from liability.
  9. Prevent hiring candidates who use drugs. Pre-employment drug testing helps to prevent hiring individuals who use illicit drugs
  10. Keep employers and employees educated. A well-run drug testing program provides tools employees need to participate and benefit from a drug-free workplace, as well as information about the physical effects of drug use and the nature of addiction.

To calculate what your company could save with a drug testing program, plug in your company’s information in our Drug Testing Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator.

Download our Drug Testing Solution At-A-Glance matrix to compare urine, instant urine, oral fluid and hair drug testing.

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    By Liz Vokolek
    October 15, 2018

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