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Ink Fingerprint Services


Fingerprint cards (FD258)

Though, we live in the Digital-Age, there are still local, state, and federal agencies that require ink card fingerprinting on the FBI's standard FD 258 fingerprint cards.

Agencies that require ink fingerprinting cards:

  • Immigration

  • Out of State Professional License (practice law, nursing, and other professions)

  • FINRA/ABA/ Federal Employment

  • Securities Industry


  • Complete card FD-258 prior to arrival (Directions on back of card)
  • Provide Fingerprinting Technician with a State Issued Identification
  • It's a simple and easy process
  • The Fingerprinting Technician will guide each finger to roll it onto the ink pad and finally, the FD-258 card
  • It's a Non-invasive procedure lead by one of our courteous and professional technicians
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